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We begin a new theme this Sunday (25th April) that will take us through May and June…. Church Rebooted


We will be looking at God’s word as we consider what it means to be God’s gathered people - the church, as we slowly emerge out of Covid restrictions.


Topics will include:


A church…..   with a message for the world

                        as a community of grace

                        all for Jesus

                        united in the Spirit

                        committed to God’s word

                        full of authentic love

                        and more.


The aim is to reconfigure, reinvigorate, and repurpose our church to serve after a year of feeling on the back foot.


Singing as a whole congregation indoors remain restricted, hence we have gone outside a bit in recent weeks. Ones hopes singing behind masks indoors may be permitted relatively soon, but no guarantees. 


Other things: (all below still have basic necessary covid-safe restrictions in play… face-coverings, hand-hygiene, distancing measures, fresh air etc)


Little Fishes (our weekly toddler group) restarted on Thursday in slightly different format to before… in the main body of the church, with reduced numbers of (very clean) toys!  We hope to slowly build this group back up to serve young families desperate to reconnect with others outside the home.


Our church Annual Meeting is this Monday (26th), 7.30pm in the church. All adult members of the church family are invited to this shorter than normal, inspiring, prayerful, forward-looking meeting. Wez will be reporting on his first few months. We need also to review the 2020 accounts and make some changes in personnel on the PCC. Do come along to hear more. 


Homegroups… we are aiming to bring our two evening homegroups back into church from 17th May where they can meet in person safely again. It will be great to get off Zoom at last!

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