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Do you want to be baptised or
to have your child baptised?

Thanksgiving Service

Many couples feel that they are unable, at present, to make the vows that form part of the Baptism Service, but still want to mark the birth of their child - to thank God for this precious new life and ask His protection upon their child.


Others feel that baptism should be kept for later in a person's life when they are able to make the promises themselves.  

In this case we offer a Thanksgiving Service for the birth of a child. Please get in touch with the Vicar if this would be more appropriate for you.

Baptism Service

The birth of a child is always a wonderful event, and it makes us aware of the huge responsibilities we face as parents.  We want to ensure that the child is brought up in the best possible way and has the best chances in life.  As part of this, baptism is an extremely important event.


Baptism is not merely a social gathering to welcome a new baby into the world. Baptism does NOT make the baby a Christian.  It is not just a family occasion since the promises and statements involve the church community as a whole. It is an opportunity for the church congregation to give thanks for the life of the child and welcome the child publicly into the family of the church.  

At St Peter’s we baptise babies of parents who can make the vows with integrity on behalf of their children, and we baptise adults who can make the promises for themselves.


During the Baptism Service parents and Godparents make certain, very specific and significant declarations about their own faith and belief.  These are declarations that many might feel unable to make honestly.

Baptism is, as the Church of England describes, "An outward and visible sign of an inward work of grace."  In other words it is a symbol pointing to what God does in the heart of a person.  But it is a symbol, not the reality itself.  Baptism symbolises the inner washing of forgiveness in Christ and the new life that Jesus offers to those who trust in him.


Please get in touch with Paul Andrews the church warden through the contacts page if you would like to enquire about baptism for your child or for yourself.

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